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Sex Dolls, also called Love Dolls or Blow-Up Dolls, help to create a fantasy of sex with a real partner. Sex Dolls offer lots of choices of materials and openings including mouth, vagina, and anus.  Doll care is essential for the life of your Sex Doll.
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Out Of The Box
Dolls usually come packaged in a cardboard box.  Make sure to remove the doll carefully avoiding cutting into the box with scissors or a knife.  Many a doll date has been ruined by a sharp scissors.  Remove the doll from the packaging and spread out carefully.  Sometimes the doll material can stick.  Use your hand to smooth out all wrinkles and folds.
DO NOT over inflate your doll. To avoid over-inflation, DO NOT use an electric compressor. Instead, use a manual pump to blow the doll up to 90% capacity. Let it rest for ten minutes so the air can evenly distribute within the doll before inflating.  The less air you put inside the doll, the less strain you'll be placing on it during use. Under inflation makes the doll openings a little less tight and allows more bending of the doll arms and legs.  The more air the more likely the doll is to rip or bust with weight.
Love Dolls have no self lubrication and friction against the doll material can cause skin irritation. Application is simple -  just apply lube to the area you wish to have sex with (mouth, vagina, ass) and then re-apply as necessary. Water-based lubricants are the safest to use on doll materials.  NEVER use any oil based lubricants or products such as baby oil, Vaseline, olive oil, hand or body cream or any other beauty product on your sex doll. Silicone can be used on PVC (vinyl rubber) dolls but not on anything silicone.  Silicone lubricants can make a sticky build up on the doll parts making it tacky and hard to clean.
Sex Doll Toy Tip
You can cut down on the cleaning time of your Sex Doll and also increase their life by using a condom.  Use the condom on your body or on the toy, whichever is appropriate.  The best condom to use is a plain, non lubricated condom and apply lubrication after the condom is in place.  After using your condom simply throw away and use a toy cleaner to insure the doll is clean and safe.
Cleaning Sex Dolls
Always clean your sex doll when taking them out for use or before putting back for storage.  It is possible to give your doll a quick cleaning while inflated. Gently wipe down the doll with either anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner or liquid anti-bacterial soap (never dish soap or any soap that contains alcohol). and warm water wiping with a soft cloth. Avoid using rough cloths or sponges, as this could damage the doll's material.  After scrubbing, rinse again with warm water. Pat dry with a lint-free towel.  The best way to clean out all the love tunnels is to deflate the doll and soak in a basin of warm water and anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner or liquid anti-bacterial soap. Love tunnels have to be clean and dry so that mildew and bacteria won't grow in these areas.   If your love doll has hair, avoid lubes and lotions that may cause tangling.  Also keep the head out of water when washing. 
Cleaning Removable Parts
Remember Cyberskin and many of the removable doll body parts are made from a realistic delicate material, so be gentle when cleaning.  Thoroughly wash with cleaner/soap and warm (never hot) water.  Pat dry with a soft, cotton towel and allow to air dry completely.  After washing and drying, your realistic body part will be oily or sticky to the touch.  Dust lightly with Renew/UR3 Powder (specially formulated powder) or cornstarch (purchase separately). Regular cornstarch will work. Use only enough to lightly coat the body part.  Never use talcum powder or baby powder, as these can cause irritation.  This process prevents the realistic body part from losing moisture which causes it to harden and restores it to the original soft, non sticky texture. 
Doll Storage
No matter what the material might be, moisture, direct sunlight, excessive heat or excessive cold will cause damage to your doll. Keep your doll deflated and in a cool, dry place.  If your storage area is private you may want to hang it over a wooden or plastic hanger.  Do not use wire hangers as they cause creases.  Place a towel or some other thick material over the cross bar of the hanger and then place the doll equally on each side. 
Doll Repair
Fixing a tear in a doll is easy but does require a patch repair kit.  The kit may be included with the doll. If not, purchase a raft patch kit from your local hardware store.  Make sure the punctured area is clean and dry so the adhesive cures to form an airtight seal.  DO NOT try and use any kind of adhesive glues (i.e., crazy glue) as it melts plastic.
Doll Modifications
With a little creativity there are modifications that can make your doll experience more pleasurable. Instead of inflating your doll you can fill it with stuffing.  The stuffing can be the same used in pillows - polyester fiber or bean bag filler.  A slight incision around the air fill hole will allow you to gently fill the doll body until it feels like it is inflated. Gently tape using some clear tape - we recommend Tear Aid Inflatable Repair.  You may also consider adding and an insert (Pocket Pal) Instead of using the hole that comes with your doll, you can add an insert into the doll itself. That way you will not experience the discomfort of the  rough vinyl or latex material/  This can be accomplished with increasing the size of the existing doll hole and using Tear Aid tape to secure the insert.
Doll Accessories
Add increased stimulation to your doll with a bullet vibrator inserted into one or more of the love holds. Use inexpensive wigs to change the dolls look - select  different hair styles and hair colors. Sexy clothing and lingerie will add to the illusion of a realistic love partner.

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Sex Doll Care and Instructions